trekfan  My name is James Hodge. I am a passionate and dedicated graphic designer, a graduate from The Art Institute of California – San Francisco, and to me, graphic design is like a car. Some see an automobile as a work of art, something to be cherished and appreciated, while others see it as a mere necessity, a way to get from point A to point B. To one person, design may be a way to express themselves, a passion or an ideal, using one of the most expressive mediums in the world. To others, however, design is merely overlooked and taken for granted.

As a designer, my task is to make graphic design more than just a means of communicating a message; to make use of design as a paintbrush rather than appliance. When I look at a classic car, admiring its curves and shine and the way it feels to be behind the wheel, it is the same feeling I get when I have a pencil or a mouse in my hand, and can turn a collection of shapes, colors, letters and numbers into something truly special.